“A nice DVD with some very good exercises, simple to follow, clean, professional, and would benefit many people.”
Tim Allardyce, Registered Osteophath and Chartered Physiotherapist –
Londra (Inghilterra)www.croydonphysio.co.uk; www.wallingtonphysio.co.uk

“The DVD is very clear and has a very good translation!”
Alexander Hurwitz, Dip PT, Rehabilitation Professional, Londra (Inghilterra)

“Very good! Congratulations on your work!”
“Instructions clear, the model used is very good!”
Mark Raynsford , Dip PT, RMT; Guilford (Inghilterra) -  www.Markspt.co.uk 

"This is the most informative and cutting edge fitness video. Its a must see for all trainers looking to expand their knowledge base."
Jason keigher - Certified Personal Trainer - New York (USA)

“De todas maneras, ante todo enhorabuena, creo que vas a tener mucho éxito, además el precio es totalmente accesible.”
Luis Muñoz, Fisioterapeuta osteopata, Valencia (Spagna)

“Die DVD ist interessant und verfügt über eine sehr gute grafische Bearbeitung“.
Christian Vieri, Magister der Sportwissenschaften, Vienna  (Austria)